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Terramancy Clay: Art and Craft Skullduggery

human beings make art the way birds sing and bees make hives.

this is the soul and center of things around here. artistic expression is a behavior in humans well before it is a skill, as any kindergarten aged human bean will show you with their dancing! singing! paints! mud sand sticks rocks! developing these behaviors into skills can be a deeply enriching and rewarding journey as we grow - and in order to fully enjoy the benefits of such a journey, most of us grups must do the hard work of unlearning the habit of Flinching: that late anthropocene feeling of recoil/antipathy/cringe in the face of art that is personal and unpolished (and therefore vulnerable).

the italicized words above live in my head rent free and come from tumblr user blackwoolncrown, whose personal website I have linked because I think they are just The Bees Knees.

An ever growing Glossary of Terms: